Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Barclay Butera"

Barclay's Mantra, (also what I believe) is that.. "In Interior design there are NO rules".
Not that this chair is a rule breaker.. because it is not, but Mr. Butera's approach to many of his designs are.
The "Brighton" Chair shown below is right now one of my Favorites!! Of course my fav's change frequently.. but I feel this chair will stay on the "Top Ten"  list for me.
Organic flavour is a feeling that I have applied  to most of my designs as well.  I love textures and the naturalness of different organic mediums.  I love to bring the surrounding life and atmosphere where the clients home is located, into the design.  Presently I am located in Naples Florida on the Coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  What's BETTER than applying this incredible scenery and appeal to their design!! 

A quote from Barclay......"Furnishings don't make a home.. Life does" 
So true Barclay!!


  1. Why do I want to round the shape of the front legs? I'm feel'n everything but the front legs.

  2. huh..wat.?? this chair is close to perfect as it can be!!